Inktober 2017 – The best prompts

Hello everyone,

today begins the most important month for online illustration on Instagram: It’s the start of Inktober. 31 days everyone will draw as much as they can. The only rules: Have fun, use ink somehow, post it online and in the best case: Keep doing it for 31 days.

Inktober was started by Jake Parker in 2009. Thousands of drawing enthusiasts participate every year since. Besides the official prompts there are also various prompts from other illustrators. Here’s my collection of my favourite prompts for 2017!

Bald startet endlich die Inktober Challenge und ich bin schon ganz motiviert meine Liste dieses Jahr umzusetzen! Falls ihr noch keine Ideen habt was ihr dieses Jahr zeichnen möchtet, lade ich euch ein meine Inktober Liste zu benutzen. :) Damit ich eure wunderbaren Ergebnisse mitverfolgen kann würde ich mich freuen, wenn ihr den Hashtag #inktobertimewithkaroline benutzt. Ich freue mich mit euch auf den #inktober #inktober2017 YAY! – Finally the Inktober Challenge will be started soon and I am quite motivated to implement my list this year! If you do not have any ideas what you want to draw this year, I invite you to use my Inktober list. :) So that I can follow your wonderful results it would be glad if you use the Hashtag #inktobertimewithkaroline. YAY! #inktober # inktober2017 – #illustration #illustrator #art #artist #artistsoninstagram #drawing #design #sketch #sketchbook #ink #comic #characterdesign #freelancedesigner #freelanceillustrator #freelance #freelancer #freelancedesign #freelanceillustrator #germanillustrator #freelanceartist #illustratorsofinstagram #igersgermany #ig_germany #igersdeutschland #igersgermany

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I’m not sure if I’ll be able to complete the entire #Inktober challenge this year because of deadlines, but I’m determined to do it entirely. Here’s my prompt list for this year. I know a lot of you like my cosmic art, and I enjoy so much doing it so… Constellations! 💫 Hope that you like this list! Are you ready for Inktober too? Did you choose any list from someone? Which? Feel free to use this list too! Just tag me or notify me, it would be amazing to see your creations 💖 Waiting for 1th October! /// No estoy segura de si este año seré capaz de completar el reto #Inktober completo, pero almenos es la intención. Aquí va mi lista de conceptos para ilustrar, sé que a muchos de vosotros os gusta la temática cósmica que hago habitualmente y yo me divierto mucho ilustrando esa temática así que… Constelaciones! 💫 Espero que os guste esta lista! Estáis preparados para Inktober? Habéis escogido alguna lista? Cual de ellas? Esta lista es libre de usarse si os gusta, simplemente etiquetadme o notificadme, sería genial ver vuestras creaciones 💖 Esperando al 1 de Octubre!

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I am soooo excited to be posting this! I have wanted to do an inktober prompt list for the longest time and now I’ve finally plucked up the courage. I’m going to tag my beautiful art friends and hope you can join me! (It would only let me tag 20 but there are so many more) Anyone can join even if you don’t consider yourself “good” at drawing. Let’s get spoooooky 🌙👻 1. Emo pumpkin 2. Friendly Ghosts 3. Greaser Monster 4. Space Witch 5. Lydia Deetz 6. Creepy Crawly 7. Night Mermaid 8. Trick or Treat 9. Pumpkin Spiced Latte 10. Black cat 11. The Addams family 12. Earth Witch 13. Sad Alien 14. Animal Wizard 15. Bookworm Bats 16. Edward Scissorhands 17. Modern day vampire 18. Angry raincloud 19. The Cure 20. Twin Skeletons 21. Baked Goods 22. Mummy and Dog 23. Candy corn 24. Tim Burton 25. Gravestones 26. Pin-up monster 27. Zombie mermaid 28. Haunted Forest 29. Your Halloween costume 30. Spooky Adventure Time 31. Disney Villain

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Are you in this year? If so, leave me a link to your Instagram account in the comments! You can watch my inktober journey here. Which prompts do you like most?

Happy Inktober!


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